Monday, October 19, 2009

When One Door Closes...Bliss...

Just like restaurant week, twice a year Washington DC rolls out the super-deals for Spa Week. And we were committed this time to take advantage of it! On the list were two big names I have been dying to try...Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa and Bliss in the W Hotel. For $50 a treatment, why not do both?

So first stop, Red Door, which is conveniently located literally across the street from work. It was a perfect day for a massage - rainy, gross, and demanding. Linds and I were signed up for the stress melting ritual.

Having only been to a spa once before, aboard Grandeur of the Seas en route to Bermuda, I had no idea what to expect back on land. Nor had I ever had a male specialist. Lets just say I was a wee bit nervioso. But within two minutes Rob had me wrapped up in relaxing oils and was rubbing my temples. From there on in I was free-falling into heaven. After an hour of wrapping, exfoliating, and head/neck/shoulder and feet rubbin Rob was my new best friend.

Of course, I rarely see my own roomie, so we decided to make of night of it and head into the city for dinner. The target: one fish two fish, from our old GW stomping grounds. Well as we were heading in, the rest of Washington scrambled to get out. My only saving grace was I was still flying from my treatment! Thank you Red Door. Over dinner I was telling Linds, I felt like someone hit my reset button.

The next morning I got a call from Earla - the spa consultant for Bliss bringing me more awesome news - they had an opening for the spa week special - an oxygen blast facial. I was in. Luckily, I had gone into work a few hours early, so slipping off for a facial mid-afternoon didn't feel completely indulgent.

What a change in pace from Red Door to Bliss. If Red Door was Brahms, Bliss would be Joss Stone. What a completely different approach to healing but neither better or worse.

Now, I have never had a honest to goodness facial - but this was great - my face has never looked so radiant. I could have sailed ships home safely, my skin was glowing so brightly. Working with Rhea was like hitting the gym with a girlfriend - good for the body and the soul, and so much fun. She whipped up a tailored mask, ran through a litany of treatments, complete with an oxygen blast, and even slipped in an arm/neck/and shoulder massage.

The special was $50 but the same treatment goes for about $70 regularly - perfect for a once-a-quarter regiment.

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