Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Toasted On One Side

From the Megs Chronicles:

When the four of us lived together senior year of college - somehow our Team Awesome adopted the slogan "To Much Bling ...No Such Thing." I'm sure there was a story there but after a year of heavy seems that that memory has been erased. Nonetheless, when I moved in Megs had constructed a 5 foot installation on our wall of a diamond made of cardboard and aluminum foil. And Yes, after seeing that I continued to move the rest of my stuff in.

Fast forward 3 years...So Megs now works for an art insurance company and gets to touch really pretty fancy things. This is the email I got yesterday....I think I'm in the wrong business...

"this is me wearing a $5m necklace- the Mont Blanc Lumiere.  It is comprised of over 3,000 diamonds.  The big rock in the center is over 11 carats and is DIF- which means- it's a flawless diamond.  BLANG BLANG"

and from roomie # 2, who shares Frank Sinatra and my birthday..Kate:
i would have to say that's pretty bad ass.  and yes...... too much bling is an impossible thing to achieve!  more bling more bling!!!  i think if that 11 carat had a twin they would look great on your ear lobes :-)

Thought for today: anyone can be born be team awesome crazy they have to be shaped, molded, and incubated.

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