Wednesday, August 25, 2010


But worth watching're welcome!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

San Diegans In The House...Switchfoot

The Padres Fans: Drew, Jen, Jon
I can remember when Switchfoot was a local San Diegan band (and Christian for that matter) Then they hit it big with Dare You To Move and off into the land chart toppers.

Yesterday they came in for a little station appearance and I gotta say - these guys are as down to earth as can be! They walked into the room of staffers and introduced themselves to the 10 or so of us there - as if we didn't know who they were. That was refreshing.

In a little Q & A session we had a little baseball sound off between the Yankee and Boston fans, and without skipping a beat Jon and Drew asked if there were any Padres fans in the room! Finally I was in the majority!

Among some of the other little trivia bits that came out in the session - Drew was telling us about his little obsession with guitars. For every stop on their tour map he checks the craigslist for new ones. Can you imagine responding to an ad and finding out who's on the other end of that? Chuh!

I know it's like this everywhere, but So Cal kids are a club of our own - not that we're exclusive, but we're defiantly the odd kids on the East Coast. Granted I've been here for 8 years, so I've embraced the awkward but it was nice to see that these guys still have their 619 area code sheen. Despite their success - they still reek of home, and, in my head at least, it seemed like they were just the guys I grew up with. Oh, not like I'm an expert or authority on anything (other than my self-indulgent bubble of 'momma-like') but did I mention how talented they were! Here's a couple clips of the performance.

***Two corrections from a fellow fan (and good friend, thanks for keeping me honest!)

1) They’re still Christians, they just don’t beat people up with it.

2) Drew is the Craigslist guitar hunter.