Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Read This Sh**?!?!

Before I launch into the whirlwind chaos that is family time,  I have to throw a shout out. Apparently someone reads this Wahine nonsense, someone other than me on the occasional spell check read through (operative word here being occasional) I know this because I am now getting dysfunctional love/hate mail..and not just from Megs anymore. So I'm back on the Wahine. Merry Christmas. Not that it would help but I do have a very good excuse.

I used to at the station during normal human hours...8 ish to 6 ish. Than an opportunity opened for my old shift schedule having me at work by 4:30 am, yes that's am, and I jumped on it. I am one in 100,000 people who love being up before the God herself. Still intend on doing the family tree...but I know this much there's some farmer blood somewhere...just look at these shoulders..linebackers weep at their awesomeness.

So with the new schedule and a few new responsibilities on the plate at work, plus the holidays (and I know you all know what a headache that can be), and all the orchestration that takes, my usual 4 hours sleep schedule evaporated. In the words of 2009 - cuts had to be made and the Wahine has been dieting.  Time to plump her back up. She is a bodacious babe after all.

In the three days I've been home I've had 4 people come up and ask if I was ok. Dear Doc - no need to check the vitals - can you just run a diagnostic on the blog and save us both an hour?  I'm great ya'll and had I known you were voluntarily reading these shenanigans - I would have set the alarm an hour earlier for you. Megs- you win. And the rest of yous...thank you. This one's for you.  I will figure it back into the routine. Love Jen. Now on to the adventure that is my pilgrimage west.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Reporting From Snowpocolypse

Just to give you an idea of what we're messing with today....