Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dad and Kim finally made the hard move to the Big Easy from San Diego. If you haven't heard me gushing yet...I am a HUGE fan of move!

They are now just a few hours instead of a days worth of flight time away....and my super Bonus Mom is really good about keeping me abreast of the differences between So Cal and No-leans.

For example....the you think Hermes gives a discount if you bring your own material?

Monday, April 5, 2010

The Queen of Pin Attire

You know I would trade my left arm for a Madeleine Albright sighting. While my best friends in middle school worshiped N'sync (and their counterparts that they today deny like...Backstreet Boys) I was a FANATIC about Maddie. Hey to a 10 year old - the first female Secretary of State (and most powerful woman in the US) was pretty Bad Ass.

Well she has come out with yet another book - and thus adding another book signing to my to-do list - only this time it's a picture book. As part of her press junket duties - the author was invited to speak at the Newseum last month. I had a chance to interview her late last year, but you bet I was there - with a video camera this time. Despite SnowOMG!2010, 150 of her closest friends - and a few obnoxious media mates managed to pack into the studio. Did I mention I'm a little obsessed? Somethings you just don't outgrow.

Known for her elaborate broaches during her service, she put together a coffee table book called Read My Pins to capture her collection. Her pin attire often served more as subversive political commentary on the international playing field.

Donning a chocolate cashmere sweater during the interview, she appropriately had emblazoned on her lapel, a giant broach. In her 30 minute conversation she covered everything from her snake pin inspiration to how "irritating" she finds the press comments on decision maker's style.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Results Still Rolling In

Checking my voice mail this morning - this was too funny not to share. This is my sister Carly calling to fact check from Hawaii where she is finishing up her last semester of college . Apparently the date April 1st meant nothing to her either.

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear April - You can't fool me

Beware: Funny Man Weaver At Large

Another winner from the legendary News Man Mark Weaver. I get this email from Mark titled Jen's secret life. My first thought is "there are two Jen Richers in DC?! We must meet!" So of course I get my google on - only to find this woman's no Jen...she's a Julie....and more importantly I am no Julie (look at those credentials!)  Something is very wrong here. How did Mark get this screen shot? - He's of a generation still working on the concept of cut-and-paste - he couldn't possibly have edited it himself.

So before I call and notify this organization (which happens to be in our building) that they may have some code on their website going haywire, I ask The Weave how he got this screen shot.

Grinning with self satisfaction, "I did it cuz that women is a dead ringer for you.  Don’t you see it?" he says. 

Well color me fooled.... you win Weave.

The Real Version

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