Monday, April 5, 2010

The Queen of Pin Attire

You know I would trade my left arm for a Madeleine Albright sighting. While my best friends in middle school worshiped N'sync (and their counterparts that they today deny like...Backstreet Boys) I was a FANATIC about Maddie. Hey to a 10 year old - the first female Secretary of State (and most powerful woman in the US) was pretty Bad Ass.

Well she has come out with yet another book - and thus adding another book signing to my to-do list - only this time it's a picture book. As part of her press junket duties - the author was invited to speak at the Newseum last month. I had a chance to interview her late last year, but you bet I was there - with a video camera this time. Despite SnowOMG!2010, 150 of her closest friends - and a few obnoxious media mates managed to pack into the studio. Did I mention I'm a little obsessed? Somethings you just don't outgrow.

Known for her elaborate broaches during her service, she put together a coffee table book called Read My Pins to capture her collection. Her pin attire often served more as subversive political commentary on the international playing field.

Donning a chocolate cashmere sweater during the interview, she appropriately had emblazoned on her lapel, a giant broach. In her 30 minute conversation she covered everything from her snake pin inspiration to how "irritating" she finds the press comments on decision maker's style.

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