Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dear April - You can't fool me

Beware: Funny Man Weaver At Large

Another winner from the legendary News Man Mark Weaver. I get this email from Mark titled Jen's secret life. My first thought is "there are two Jen Richers in DC?! We must meet!" So of course I get my google on - only to find this woman's no Jen...she's a Julie....and more importantly I am no Julie (look at those credentials!)  Something is very wrong here. How did Mark get this screen shot? - He's of a generation still working on the concept of cut-and-paste - he couldn't possibly have edited it himself.

So before I call and notify this organization (which happens to be in our building) that they may have some code on their website going haywire, I ask The Weave how he got this screen shot.

Grinning with self satisfaction, "I did it cuz that women is a dead ringer for you.  Don’t you see it?" he says. 

Well color me fooled.... you win Weave.

The Real Version

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