Thursday, August 16, 2007

Straight from the Desk

As a desk assistant for a morning news program, my job basically is to do as much of the leg work for a story as possible so the anchor can cover a story for the morning drive. That includes getting tape of news makers, writing, pitching etc. Well because the morning drive time runs from 5 am to 9 am, getting tape for the morning often involves waking up a few people, and if they are consistently making news.....then I am consistently waking them up.

What is interesting is not only the relationship you build with the news maker overtime, but also with their family. In my case, care of marvels of modern technology like caller id - the families know "that Jen" is calling again and it's time to stir daddy from his slumber. In honor of my preceding reputation - Bill, morning news editor extraordinaire, created this iconic manifestation for the caller experience!

Also highly comical is the propensity for high levels of absurdity! Especially from those FM station folk, whereas we AM news junkies are all serious all the time...just see!

Mile High Adventures

My mom used to tease me, well I thought it was teasing, but she may have been serious but that's another story, that I could anyone to death, and when no one was left, I would start talking to the walls. Over the years, that theory has time and again validated itself, says the blogger - now I don't even need a real wall - a virtual one suites me just fine.

There is of course one exception to this rule, and if you know me well, you are keyed into my one anti-social zone; one that literally tracends space and time - that is my flying time. It is the one space I shut down completely and am usually chapters deep in the story of slumber before the plane as finished boarding, let alone take-off. Whether its the idol chit-chat, the much needed sleep time, or the fact that you are cemented in your seat, and your seatmates for that matter, for a min. of 5 hours for my typical transcontinental flights, I go into cacoon mode.

So when my seatmate solicited polite conversation on my last flight from San Diego to DC, I entertained the a brief exchange as I dug through my extremely oversized tote to find the headphones that mysteriously (and yet consistently) are amputated from my beloved Lilly (ipod). Once those two were reunited, the conversation would be curbed. Well in this particular instance I was again informed that my petite duffel I was slightly overweight, and rather than cough up $25 for my prized possessions I found room in my carry on! (I'll show you united!)

Needless to say my coveted sleep time was inching away as I grappled for my ipod - I clear flag marking my path to isolation! Well my aforementioned seatmate was actually quite pleasant as we chatted about his interest in science and his admiration for his wife and grandchildren. The convo continued to a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet when a gentleman on his way to the mile high Porto-potty interrupted.

He jumped into gush about a speech my seatmate had given a few years back and how much it changed the path of his career. Sold. I was immediately interested - how could this sweet older man have impacted so greatly another passenger. Keep in mind we're in coach.

Relieved from my dialogue duties I started to hear some buzz in the cabin about my seatmate. Well the starstruck Porto-pottier took the vacant seat in our row - soon to take up permanent residency. They went back and forth as I eavesdropped. Unfortunately the specifics of their identity were never reveled except for their names.

Being the obnoxiously curious Google freak that I am I looked them up and sure-as-you're-born the sky-way celeb was none other than the Nobel prize winning physicist who developed the big bang theory! Whoa! Needless to say - I did not sleep on that flight a wink!

Women Inherit the Earth

"God creates Dinosaurs, God destroys Dinosaurs, God Creates Man, Man Destroys God, Man Creates Dinosaurs.......Dinosaurs eat man, women inherit the earth"

Well it seems through a freak accident, women may be able to create life without men!

An analysis of a now-discredited South Korean stem cell line suggests the scientists may have inadvertently created the first human embryonic stem cells derived from human eggs alone, researchers said.

Using a new genetic sleuthing method he derived with colleagues, he said they have determined that the South Korean cell line was derived from parthenogenesis, a type of asexual reproduction in which an egg develops into an embryo without sperm.

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Just Another Day at the Office

I am still waiting for the day when I come into InnovaTech only to find a camera crew filming the next episode of the office - because you just can't write this into a script!

This is our Network Manager Brian! He may be the next label for Jones Soda!

Well, Well, Well

Here's to the crew who hits the station before you have a chance to hit the snooze! Go team AM - o'dark hundred!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

That's Our Jim!

It is said the greatest understanding one can have is of one's self, and after interviewing Jim about twice a week I can confirm his chatty charm!

Moran's Q&A and Then Some

Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.) was spotted at Landmark's E Street Cinema on Friday taking in the 7:30 p.m. screening of "No End in Sight," Charles Ferguson's new film that documents the U.S. occupation of Iraq from an insider's perspective. A Q&a followed the movie, and an audience member asked Moran to offer his impressions. He spent five minutes praising the film's integrity and also held forth on war profiteering in Iraq, reports Style's Allison Wolfe. After the Q& A, Moran continued fielding questions from several people who stuck around. Before leaving, the congressman walked over to one of the film's producers to give her his card and muttered, "I know, I talk too much!"