Thursday, August 16, 2007

Straight from the Desk

As a desk assistant for a morning news program, my job basically is to do as much of the leg work for a story as possible so the anchor can cover a story for the morning drive. That includes getting tape of news makers, writing, pitching etc. Well because the morning drive time runs from 5 am to 9 am, getting tape for the morning often involves waking up a few people, and if they are consistently making news.....then I am consistently waking them up.

What is interesting is not only the relationship you build with the news maker overtime, but also with their family. In my case, care of marvels of modern technology like caller id - the families know "that Jen" is calling again and it's time to stir daddy from his slumber. In honor of my preceding reputation - Bill, morning news editor extraordinaire, created this iconic manifestation for the caller experience!

Also highly comical is the propensity for high levels of absurdity! Especially from those FM station folk, whereas we AM news junkies are all serious all the time...just see!

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