Thursday, August 16, 2007

Women Inherit the Earth

"God creates Dinosaurs, God destroys Dinosaurs, God Creates Man, Man Destroys God, Man Creates Dinosaurs.......Dinosaurs eat man, women inherit the earth"

Well it seems through a freak accident, women may be able to create life without men!

An analysis of a now-discredited South Korean stem cell line suggests the scientists may have inadvertently created the first human embryonic stem cells derived from human eggs alone, researchers said.

Using a new genetic sleuthing method he derived with colleagues, he said they have determined that the South Korean cell line was derived from parthenogenesis, a type of asexual reproduction in which an egg develops into an embryo without sperm.

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  1. Hey Jen! You eliminate us men and what will you women have to complain about? Remember the line from Randy Travis's "Forever & ever Amen".... "Old men talking about the weather and old women talking about old men..."


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