Monday, October 19, 2009

Never Quotidian

Might as well have ripped this one straight out of Julie and Julia. Yesterday, the book club met at Cafe du Park to salivate over our French breakfast buffet and recap our latest read J & J. It was one of those rare occasions where more of us seemed to be there for the food and company than the book.

At the beginning of each meeting we do a small confessional to get an idea of who actually finished the required reading, how many watched the movie, and how many planned on finishing the book. The results respectively out of the five of us: 1,4, and 1.

Sure we talked about food, cooking, and Julia Child, but the only instance of the conversation veering close to Julie Powell was the question I had...if you were to start a project and blog about it....what would it be?  Some of the proposals included Carol's new biking obsession, our foodie obsession, our adventures as single Washingtonians. Lucky for me I guess, the Wahine is my very own calamity of errors.

As we were starting to loosen our belts a bit (thank god for croque-monsieur, french onion soup, a cheese plate to die for and eclairs a plenty.) Carol had a brilliant idea - 10 minutes later we were walking the 10 blocks from the Willard over to the Smithsonian museum of American History to see Julia Child's kitchen. That my friends, is why I live in DC. How many book clubs do you know can do that? 

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