Monday, October 19, 2009

How Can We Forget?

It's not often in the battle against mother nature is that Sigma Kappas do not emerge victorious, but such was the case for our memory walk Saturday morning. I had been planning and organizing the Sigma Kappa Memory Walk team for over a year. We joined forces with Mix 107.3, rallied over 150 walkers, and designed some awesome shirts to combat Alzheimer's. We had it all down - from the tent, to the shirts, sponsors, and well - the team.

Come the morning of, the weather just wouldn't let up - Linds and I pulled in promptly at 8 am only to be greeted by huge gusts of wind, and no tent...long story. So here we were, over 100 girls, trying to get our pictures done professionally, without catching pneumonia. 

At about 9:15 this morning Kim (zeta team captain)  and I decided to give the team the option to walk or retreat from the storm. By our call time at 9:30 you can imagine, our team had cleared out. I was so disappointed. In the DC Sigmas history we have never cancelled an event, regardless of the weather.

Although the day turned crummy, as the largest sigma kappa team in the country - we did raise over $8800 for the cause. So it ended well, and in my and Lindsey's case - with Greek omelets, coffee, and dry clothes.

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