Friday, October 23, 2009

Ready For Combat

For National Military Appreciation Month, 630 WMAL and Skin-can-do owner Sara Damelio teamed up for a combat-ready drive. She whips up this all-natural skin-balm for her spas in her kitchen and one day found out it really helps on sand-flea bites. You know who suffers the worst from those little crustaceans? Our guys and gals over in the big sandbox (I have a brother and a few friends over there and I've heard first hand.) So she started sending her balm with troops as the left the States. Throw in the do-good listeners from the station and we've got a real mission on our hands.

We were hoping to raise enough to send 500 jars over. By the end of the month long push- we hit around 800. THAT'S EFFING AWESOME. I know it doesn't sound like much, but heck if we can offer anything to help, skin cream or otherwise, why not?! So when Sara laced up to hand out the miracle in a jar at BWI - I tagged along with her.

At first, the Air-Force team seemed a little confused about what we were throwing in their care-packages. For many, it was their first tour and they had no idea what to expect. So not only were we the harbingers of skin relief, we also served as bearers of bad news. Luckily, right behind us were the USO volunteers handing out Girls Scout cookies, a perfect distraction.

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