Thursday, October 22, 2009

Always In Moderation

From the woman who brought you words of wisdom like, "you can pick your friends, and you an pick your nose, but you can't pick your friends nose," comes this thank you note.

My brother, sister, and I usually get a gift together for my mom's birthday - but being so close to mother's day and 2,500 -5,000 miles apart from each other makes coordination a little difficult. So this year I ordered her a chocolate cake to be delivered. Here is the thank you note I received in return.

"My dearest daughter Jennifer (always good that she remembers my name and that I am the ham of the family.)
Thank you so much for the fabulous chocolate cake-by-mail! It was delicious! Goodness, I was so surprised as I thought it would be a cake-free birthday, since Goose (grandma) was out of town (on a cross-country RV trip). It was extremely rich....wait for I found that if I kept it refrigerated and/or frozen, I could eat a much larger portion at one sitting! Call me! Love Mommie"

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