Friday, October 23, 2009

No, Really, Thank YOOOUUU, Customer DISservice

My momma raised me well...(she would have used 'good' there, I said she raised me well, not taught me grammar). And a major point in her curriculum included thank you notes and such. I can remember her sitting her spawn down the morning after Christmas or our birthdays with a list, blank greeting cards (she bought in bulk...know anyone like that?), and a pen. And those buns didn't budge from the table until we pumped out a a thank-you to each gift giver.

Last summer, the we Benson clanners trekked out for a little camping action in the Grand Canyon. Being that I am a frequent flier program maven, I booked my reward flight round trip out of Vegas using USAIR. Well oops - I broke my foot - yeah shut up - and my mobility plans were slightly altered, and by altered I mean a complete detour to San Diego with the fam for some ER attention.

Ironic that I can get two helicopters down the face of a canyon to lift me out of a nearly impossible ravine (pilot will back me up on that) but I couldn't get the airline company to reroute my reward flight to leave out of San Diego instead of Vegas. No worries the delightful customer service rep tells me: my flight is good for a year out of Sin City, so I can just book a flight in and use my reward flight out. So I try it.

Silly's never that simple..You guessed it. I've got a big fat No sitting at the end of that plan. Not even an "I doubt it." Just a straight up no. So you know where I told them they could stick their reward miles? Yeah that's right...right back in my account.

So I escalate that sucker to the second customer service rep, and get an ok - just need $100. Well wouldn't you know it...I, of course, conduct all of my business on a cell phone while driving - and my purse was in the trunk. (Unlike my friend Liana - I don't have the number memorized. Noted for the next time.)

I call back the next card in hand. And I'm told repeatedly this time, from half way across the world (Judging from the accents I'm going with Bangalore), how sorry USAir is, but that just isn't allowed. Reeeeealllly? Then why did two other reps clear it and were ready to give me back my miles? Supervisor Please! Oh well my supervisor is going to tell you the same thing...Well FABULOUS...let me hear it from their mouth then.

45 minutes on the phone and three states later in my "office" (MD, DC, VA), I FINALLY reached Phyllis in North Carolina. Boy did we hit it off- she was my Paula Deen in shimmering butter. In her sweet-tea cooing drawl she told me she would talk to her supervisor while I was on hold. Clearly timing is everything and my cell drops the call.

While I'm frantically retracing my steps through the maze of customer DISservicers, brace yourself...Phyllis called me back. She looked up my number on my account and CALLED ME BACK. This is what it's come to - a gesture that used to be expected, I am now eternally grateful for - way to lower the bar millennials! Then she not only put my unused miles back in my account - she refunded my entire trip. Here was a woman who I'm sure listens to RAGErs like me all day, and was still able to use her brain and help a sista out.

You bet I wrote that woman a thank you note.

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