Thursday, September 25, 2008

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Shenanigans: Begala's book

Begala, he’s got another book

One thing’s for sure: You can hand it to the Dems for showing support. What in the world was Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid doing at professional Democratic pundit Paul Begala’s book party Tuesday night during such trying and truculent times as these? For Begala’s sixth book, at that?

But there he was, showing his support at 101 Constitution Ave. — location, location, location — for Begala’s latest, “Third Term.” As you might have guessed, the 288 pages expand upon the book’s subtitle, “Why George W. Bush John McCain.”

Jampacked with Bill Clinton Democrats, the gathering was described by one attendee as “the 1992 War Room.” The crowd included Mandy Grunwald, Donna Brazile, John Podesta, a handful of CNN-ers, Bob Barnett, Bill Press, Jonathan Capehart, Walter Shapiro, Michael Meehan, Jake Perry and former Carville-ite Todd DeLorenzo.

We thought we were talking to Top Dog Reid about the bailout when we asked, “Is it going to pass this week, sir?” “What?” he shrugged in response.

Meanwhile, Begala kindly answered Shenanigans’ burning questions.

Q: Top five favorite people on Capitol Hill?

A: Nonelected officials only:

1. The ladies at the Senate reception desk

2. The Capitol Police

3. Harry Reid’s staff

4. Everyone in Hillaryland

5. The poor people on Rahm Emanuel’s staff

Q: Most influential TV host?

A: You mean, besides Stephen Colbert?

Q: Finish this sentence, “If I had a minute with Rush Limbaugh, I’d _________.”

A: Dump a bottle of OxyContin on the floor and watch him dive for ’em.

Q: Most inaccurate thing ever said about you?

A: “You should be on ‘Dancing With the Stars.’”

Q: Most inaccurate thing ever said about Bush?

A: “He’s not as dumb as they say.”

Q: Most accurate thing ever said about McCain?

A: “His suffering and service in Vietnam were truly heroic.”

Q: Most accurate ever said about Obama?

A: “He married well.”

Q: Finish this sentence, “The last time I saw John McCain, I _________.”

: “Was at a GOP primary debate. Couldn’t get close to McCain, however. He was surrounded by lobbyists.”

: Plans for Nov. 5?

: “I will be in New York, on CNN, covering the election returns with the Best Political Team in Television and the Best Bottle of Tequila in New York.”

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