Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back To School

This is a two for one - Linds on her first day of law school, and our new totally awesome Ikea Couch.

If you know anything about Chez Copa, you know how badly we needed a new couch - after our $20 monstrosity that used to sit in the living room. . In our third and final move, we decided to dump the ugly thing and invest in something a little more .....Copa.

But both cases caused Linds' heart to work harder...the first time we almost lost the couch off the truck as we had no tie downs. This time the ikea delivery truck almost got stuck in the garage.

We are also really excited for Linds' new legal endevor - with me as a friend - we're going to need someone who can do damage control. P.S. total Thomas Crown Affair moment - "'we have a warrent, you can have your lawyer review it." and from the kitchen steps Tommies Friend and Lawyer. That is so us!

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