Friday, September 5, 2008

I Still Love You GW....

U.S. News has collected data from more than 1,400 colleges to bring you this year's rankings and GW takes #53. day us colonials will break through that glass ceiling of our own...into the top 50.

It's just such a shame, because we really should be ranked much higher. Although our student body tends to be a little snobby about our palatial living accommodations, (seriously, they were ranked second most luxurious in the country and we still complain.) we have some of the best instructors, resources, and talent in the country.

While adjunct is one of the dirty words in academia, our part-timers have full time jobs too - at the Smithsonian, the state department, embassies and even the White House. Who better than foreign leaders teaching our introduction to international affairs, and the woman who briefs Condolezza on the status of Georgia, lecturing on Eastern European history once a week. (Although I doubt she read the crap I tried to pass off for term papers because I still managed decent grades.)

And we may not have a competitive quantity of alumni donors, it will still cost you a cool five mil to get that building named after you. The reason its so high you ask... because another generous alum's name is already on the wall above the entrance. It's the GW mantra behind those donations - if you're going to go, go big!

So I happened to be a little defensive, and competitive, when you have to turn the page to see my Alma matter's rankings. I still love you GW... I vow to continue defending you, even though my west coast family to this day thinks I graduated from Georgetown.

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