Friday, September 26, 2008

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

(April) Charlottsville Va. - I was just reminiscing about Foxfield: The Year Of The Mojito, or in layman's terms the third installment of the Pink Cashmere (predecessor to ChezCopa) trek to Cville for the Foxfield horse race.We name each trek after the featured drink of the year, last year being the Mojito.

This last trip has officially cemented Foxfield as the centerpiece of PC activities and the kickoff to the summer because it almost didn't happen. After a little feet dragging and dissent in the ranks we finally pulled through and bought the infield plot (the second to last in fact.)

There are so many customs in place especially for it being such a new tradition. The goal is to get a plot in the green tagged section as far from the orange tagged collegian section and as close to the rail of the races we wont be watching.

We stay with the palatial Egelman manor and every year is a little more special. The Year of the G & T, Serge Egelman cruise directed. He showed us the ropes to proper plot preparation - two plots, plenty of food, betting and the entire contents of a fully stocked bar in the trunk. We were set in our preppy sun dresses.

The year of the White Cranberry we were on our own. After a rough day starting at 3 AM for some of us we finally made it to Egelman Manor in time for Jon to prepare us a gourmet dinner at 2 AM the following morning.

We got the trunk bar down but we'll chalk everything else up to a learning experience. Let's just say I fell asleep cuddled up underneath the trunk of my car after having poured everyone generous margaritas. The next morning I was so impressed with how little we had consumed. That tequila completely skipped my mind until the incriminating photos surfaced. oops! But Jon true to form came with his barbershop quartet hat.

Last April, we were reduced to the core members, even Mandy who made a last minute decision to ditch running for corn hole in Cville. We had a grand time making friends with our neighbors, and the police who struggled to believe we were of age. The weather held to the last moment when we were instructed to seek refuge in our vehicles. Leaving the grounds snug and dry we witnessed the poor car-less collegians walk drenched back to their buses, some reduced down to their undergarments. So much for prep and propriety.

So now that we've recapped it's time to start working out a recipe for next year!

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  1. I'll be there for Foxfield 2009. These past couple years have been too fun to bail at this point in time. Miss you girls!


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