Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fate and Les Mis

12 strikes again! Linds and celebrated the end of the week by snagging a couple of seats at Wolftrap to see the traveling Les Mis show. As fate would have it, my seat was #12. Ha!
But it gets better, because of that coincidence I remembered our third roommate, my little, Mandy had just moved into an apt in Florida. She reported that if you add the numbers together it equals 12. As I was telling the story to Linds,  the women seated in front of us turned to ask who we were talking about. She was an old co-worker of Mandy's at AU! Small world!
And the musical was amazing too! It was my first time (and lind's 7th). One point of contention was actually the perk of the venue - it's open aired design. I'm sure the musical is even more powerful indoors. The music and stage was so strong! It was the Delacroix liberty leading the people brought to life!

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