Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It's Like Christmas

This just couldn't get any better. So the Dems have their flawless convention last week, where both the anticipated Clinton bashing and Mother Nature seemed to keep their wits about them.

Obama not only steels a kiss from Jill Biden but steels Oprah's hearts all over
again. And it seems even John McCain had a touch of Obama-Mania (see The English language Barackafied.) as he felt compelled to stick a little promo in between the speeches Thursday.

His speech was one for the ages: cool, calm, and colloquial, but most importantly confident... I'd even say presidential. Both Carly and I have seen his oratory skills live, she in Hawaii and I in Virginia.

But then McCain threw us a doosy. Not only did he pick a dark horse, Sarah Palin, (don't worry we've never heard of her either) from the overpopulated (683,478 to be exact: 1/2 of the city of San Diego) and surely diverse state of Alaska, but she has Executive Experience (as Miss Alaska and all of her two years as the 11th gov of the state).

As mayor of Wasilla, Alaska (population 5,469 roughly twice the size of my high school) she worked to ban books and fired the non-supportive police chief. She surely knows how to get things done!

But her real strength to this campaign is, aside from her squeaky voice and ability to stand on the shoulders of women after scrambling all over them to shotgun her way through the glass ceiling, her core family values.

Thanks Sarah - it looks like those conservatives wont be attending your convention (thanks mother nature) nor the polls (thank you baby's mama).

And if that doesn't send you running to the polls, she's just a heart beat away from the Presidency. Watch your back Johnny.

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