Monday, January 12, 2009

The Cutting Edge

My best guy friend Nick is a HUGE Hockey Fan so it was only appropriate that we take in a game while he's visiting the right coast. It was a night of firsts.

Reporting from the Verizon Center, in downtown DC, the Chez Copa stingers were not only were successful in finding parking, but we managed to slide into the press box with a mere 2 minutes to spare before the caps took the ice. (Jen early....what?!)

But from the looks of the stands, we weren't the only ones running late. Nick noted as he tried to muffle his cheers to fit in with the rest of the stoic press core, "If you look around, there are still plenty of open seats, but the game's technically sold out." Who can blame them though.

Like many Washingtonians, I was completely oblivious to this little treasure, which as of Friday boasted a 9 game winning streak. Thank goodness I had my own personal sportscaster (Nick) walking me through each of the plays, because those ice jockeys have some funky jargon, and I would have left just as clueless as when I arrived.

From the press box, I also noticed a huge gap between genders throughout the reporting staff. I, being the sole female, was railroaded on my way to the ladies by a sportscaster.

Clearly unaccustomed to a need for gender differentiated restrooms, he blasted right by me into the powder room. Standing outside the door, I waited until he was on his way out to ask if he noticed anything "out of know missing urinals etc." Rather than a shocked expression to what I thought must have been a mistake, he mumbled an unconvincing, "sorry," as he tossed out his paper towel.

Back on the ice, the real stars of the game were the Capital's Alex "THE GREAT" Ovechkin

slashing over 40 shots at Blue Jackets and the goaltender, Steve Mason  slapping them all away. Nick explained to me that on average, a goaltender fields half of that traffic.

After the game Nick and I took to the locker room to interview....well ....anybody, seeing as how I've never covered sports before and my expectations were low. Thankfully we were rushed into the press gaggle with (the half dressed) Mason.

When asked about his spot on record that broke the Caps winning streak, he said, " [my defense does] a great job for me; they're there for a reason."

Not too shabby

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