Friday, January 30, 2009

Hey Sexy Pants!

Sorry, a little overdue but I keep meaning to share.

Hey Sexy Pants!
The Ladies and I had one full packed Sunday, we were the official cheerleaders for mile marker 17 of the Marine Corp Marathon!

We got involved completly randomly. Working at WMAL, we work very closely with Fisher House, and as a result, I feel very close to.

While Linds and I were loitering around the army 10-mile finish line (for no reason really......except beautiful military men running through our neighborhood....) we swung by the FH booth to say hello. They enlisted us as volunteers on the spot for the marathon (tough application process I promise!)

No the signs we made were AWESOME, we put a lot of thought and research behind them. But on the metro ride down to our mile marker, we couldn't help survaying the runners for their favorite past sign slogans. "Run Sexy Pants," far and away was the winner, so look for it next year!

After ringing our cow-bells for four hours will we coached on Team Fisher House, we headed back to Crystal City for the festivities.

Well wouldn't you know it, one of the performing groups was a step team. As a former stepper in high school, I was encouraged to jump on stage with the team. Unfortunatly it's not like riding a bike and I was a little rusty.

But being the ambitious cruise director that I have a tendency to be, we also packed in a little road trip afterward to take part in the Virginia tradition of fall apple picking. We had a great time, but not gonna lie, by that point we were all a little cranky and desperately in need of a little respite. So on the way home, we took a little detour to the winery next door.

Sure we were cutting it a little close by sliding in the door at 4:58 pm but the owner was kind enough to accommodate one final tasting group. I'd like to think it was our good Kharma, but perhaps it was the weathered faces sporting our team fisher house jersey's that convinced him.

We were in for a treat. Chateau O'Brian, right behind the orchard, boasts a special fall vintage produced not from grapes, but apples! So worth it!

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  1. We need to go back to the winery this spring - they had some good wine!


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