Thursday, January 29, 2009

City of Sissies

The last couple of days were a little chilly here in the District, but coupled with the minor (I know, coming from a California girl too.) yes, minor snow storm, the city came to a screeching halt. I was in the newsroom taking all the closing info, none of you went to work yesterday. You're welcome.

But in the city renowned for it's southern efficiency and northern charm, (I'm being ironic for all you west coast readers) it is amazing to me how a little precipitation has the ability to bring the most powerful 5 square miles in the world, down to it's knees. Forget terrorists; we've got Mother Nature with a bout of PMS to deal with.

Hailing from the land of overpaid meteorologists in San Diego, I figured this was business as usual when I first moved here. That was 7 years ago, now it's just getting old.

Come on DC - it's not like its a surprise - it snows in January. Drivers - you can't ignore it until it goes away - and more importantly: YOU KNOW BETTER. Slow down, there's no need tailgate - use your lights instead. (Same goes for you Southern Californians it does rain... occasionally.... it's a desert after all.)

And do we really need to close everything for 2 inches of snow? The roads were salted, slick yes, but salted. For a city of workaholics - we're a bunch of sissies - even the President had to call us out.

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