Friday, January 9, 2009

Starting It off With A Bang - ish

Sorry for the MIA status folks, lots happening this week. With Inauguration just around the corner, all my attention has been diverted to 1600 Penn updates. But a few fun updates, Angela and I have taken the 2009 Discovery Channel Health Challenge. 

We've been milking the free month of Bally's membership. I'm on Day 7 and kicking butt ya'll.

Don't want to jinx myself though. With a gazillion other New Years Resolutions I've made over the years (ie: washing off the night's mascara masterpiece before bed ha!) I actually want to keep this one! I've noticed if you tack an appointment at Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door spa for good behavior to the end, it becomes much easier to keep! I'll let you know in May how that works out.

I thought I would kick start the year off with a few other improvements, like cleaning out the ole closet and either donating the clothes I didn't wear any more or getting the busted ones hemmed to reenergize the wardrobe a little. I was off to a good start, but in the process I racked up $60 at the dry cleaners (the mending pile was a year old) and in the process of donating my clothes, I also donated my house keys. Woops! (Fear not I tracked them down last night!)

But the best Jen Richer update is the star appearance of Nick Murphree, one of my all time best friends since we were like 8. No, really we were instant best friends starting in 3rd grade. (I moved to a new school and he was one of the first new friends I made. I mean, who can resist the charms of a kid noticing that you and Jenny Craig share the same first name? I was serenaded in the hallways for years with her latest ad jingles, not in a taunting bully sort of way, totally endearing I swear. (Well, that’s how I remember it anyway.)

Well Nick has taken a long weekend and a long flight to elude his studies and hit up the DMV (well D and V mostly). First, stop, Caps game tonight. (He's a huge hockey wonk.)

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