Friday, June 5, 2009

Toto, Thank God We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

(March 16) Arlington VA - Not quite considered the District but certainly not the suburbs, Crystal City - the 3rd stop off the yellow and blue line into the sprawl that is Northern Virginia, has undergone a bit of an identity crisis over the bast 10 years. With BRAC in full swing, many of the military offices are relocating outside the beltway.

The Crystal City Business Improvement District has been pulling out all stops to attract new office renters to fill the void. They struck cultural gold with the Arena Stage, who agreed to move in temporarily while the theater's permanent home undergoes not just a face lift but reconstructive surgery near the new ball park.

Only appropriate that the group entitle their annual fundraiser Arena Stage in Oz. Keeping with the cement jungle theme and glamming up the high rise community I've called home for three years now. But it begs the question...if we continue with this metaphor...who then is Dorothy and where the hell is the wizard!?

That was a lot of buildup for this fundraiser. Sorry...ish. If you're still with me lets continue down this yellow brick road.

Regardless, the evening kicked off with a silent auction across the street from home, convenient right?, in an all class office building that happens to block our near perfect view of National airport. Not weird, I like to watch planes, and I have hated this building for robbing me of that. So much for transparency kids.

Heading to the eighth floor, guests were invited to bid on a David Yurman bracelet, Nats tickets among other donated treasures while munching on Jaleo and Ruth's Chris's appetizers. I of course don't understand the concept of nibbling and buzzed around the tables like a buzzard swooping in on last nights kill. Clearly anorexia doesn't run in my family.

Working hard to cover the exposed sheet rock, but tapping the loft design theme everyone seems to LOVE, designers wrapped the area in black and green drapes. The under-construction floor afforded the artist liberty to literally paint a yellow brick road down the hallway. Fun nuevo chandeliers hung over the tasting tables while characters from Oz greeted/ terrified bidders.

The highlight of the contempo construction site had to be the view of the river and airport. Oh and the feet of the tables had Dorothy's ruby slippers. Well done Arena. As it should be. Save some money at the fundraiser, stretch those limited resources and put the money where it needs to go...on theater programs for high schoolers and your renovations.

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