Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let Season Begin!

As commencement season wraps up, there's only one thing Washingtonians fear more than tourists....interns. Finally a blog has been created to commiserate together and swap sighting stories. This post was just too funny not to steal!

Heard: Newsworthy Celebrity

Traveling home one evening on Metro a notable news reporter was standing near me. As a courtesy, everyone was adhering to proper Metro conduct by leaving him alone and minding their own business. An intern was also standing near by and quite obviously staring at him. He noticed her and very politely said, "May I help you miss?" Her trance broken, she blushed and replied, "Oh no, I'm sorry, you just look a lot like my favorite reporter." He smiled and jokingly said, "Well is he at least handsome?" Her response was, "Well I think so, but my friends don't. And they all tell me he's gay anyway." He smirked and the conversation ended. Anderson Cooper left our train at the next stop.
I thought the lady behind me was going to die laughing. The intern never figured it out.

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