Thursday, June 4, 2009

One Singular Sensation

National Theater (March 12) - “A Chorus Line,” the longest running American Musical. Tragic I guess that I grew up in the cultural left big toe of the country and missed this one completely. Until Now.

Linds and I went to see THE BEST MUSICAL. EVER., as they say, at the National Theater. Apparently I was the only one who knew zippo about this theatrical phenom.While the audience, donning anything from weekend jeans for formal gowns (cringe, can someone please send out a memo on appropriate theater attire please) sang EVERY word to EVERY song, I bopped along to the quite catchy hooks.

Although considered THE BEST MUSICAL, this probably wasn’t it's best execution. I got the impression aside from a few standouts…like Robyn Hurder, playing the overqualified Cassie, and Deanna Aguinaga playing the Puerto Rican prodigy Lois, the cast left their belting boxes at home with the rest of their costumes. Others compensated with fancy footwork and flamboyant scissor kicks as per Anthony Wayne as Richi. But all in all I was glad I finally have reconnected to our Brodway blood-line.

And for the trivia whores out there…here you go: Yes - I am talking about YOU so keep reading.

- Each cast member kicks his or her legs a total of 36 times (18 kicks each leg) in the final kick line of the show.
- The only full costume change in the entire show is for the Finale. This costume for the men is a single jumpsuit – pants, shirt, and vest all sewn together with one zipper, giving them time to slip in, add socks, shoes, hat and jacket almost immediately. Question….how can you be sure you’re grabbing the right costume…EWE.
- The men keep battery packs for their microphone in a pouch just below their waist. Oh that's what that was. That changes things.
- Cassie sprays hairspray on her bum to keep her red leotard from venturing north during her solo. Wonder if that works on swim suits…
- They Mop n’ glow the stage floor before each performance to keep it slick for the dancers. Noted. Jen will not be testing that out...I have enough trouble standing as it is.
- They are making a documentary about casting this show….how ironic.

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