Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Force To Be Reckoned With

Meet the Fab Five. Traveling in a pack, they dominate the waves, not necessarily through skill but shear intimidation. Like their grandmother Beverly, aka Goose, the Fab Five tend to blaze their own trails.  Although the five cousins seem inseparable , Danielle, the oldest, moved to Minnesota from San Diego when the two of us were still eating food out of jars. (We are only 6 months apart.)

After years of persuasive arguments, and persistent nagging, we lured her back to America's finest city when she turned 18. Ironically that's when I shipped off to the East Coast. (Cool your jets - she's still harping on me about it.) Now, with two of us in Virginia, one in Hawaii, and one in Los Angeles, Dani is our lone representative in San Diego. When she's not helping to build the next set of Emerald Towers, she dedicates her spare time to spreading her love of ice hockey as a coach to the Lady Saints hockey team. And they are finally getting some of the attention they deserve. Way to go Dani!

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