Friday, June 5, 2009

To Go Or Not To Go

We were full speed right out of the gate. Come on, it's one of the biggest horse races in the country. We had infield tickets, a strategy, and even parking passes. Not to mention, it's practically in our back yard, and Meg's was busting her butt to meet the DC chapter of the Team Awesome 810 girls (we were roommates in college.)

Of course, none of these perks were able to counter the three factors we had working against us: Meg's family, rain, and the wait for it....oh now here it comes around the bend....WHAT?!?!?! We can't BYO Booze? Seriously? To Freakness? Tradition Smadition. Albeit safe from Momma McG it looks like the usual suspects also felt the other two obsticles. I'm going to say it was the Rain. What do you think?

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