Thursday, July 31, 2008

You Can Hang A Star on That Baby

The Team may suck, but the new Nat's stadium is something to write home about! You can grab a beer and hot dog in any stadium around the country, but dc taxpayers shot around the bases here.

From the gigundous tv to local vendors like Ben's Chili Bowl I actually made the effort to arrive by the third inning! But the crowd has definitely been preppy-fied. No more sweatpants folks ....yuppy central has arrived.

Funny side story, so we hit up the braves game and buying our tickets last minute, we realized a lot of warrior chops. Being the political correct capital of the world, a fellow YUP eagerly corrected our visitors as it may be offensive to native Americans. To which the very large fan immediately below up sprung up mid chop to don his native American dream weaver tattoo to the stands. It may have been the most excitement the Nats fans saw all evening!

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