Friday, July 25, 2008

Hail to the Buff and Blue

Having graduated from GW, any mention of said hallowed ground sends my heart a fluttering! So when I was tipped off to a recent book our former president Stephen Joel Trachtenberg published I jumped at the chance to read it. We have a word for those types... TOOLS.

I was a bit skeptical, I'll admit. As president he was not the class favorite. But then again, few undergraduates openly professed their love for the university anyway. (Even though secretly they worshiped their Alma matter as much if not more than I did.)

GW has a few urban legends of its own, as the university that ate Foggy Bottom. But here SJT openly addresses all of them candidly... right down to the hippo myth. He explained with great comical detail and heartfelt justification many of the controversial decisions he made as an administrator. This is not only a must read for any GW alum, but should be assigned reading!

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