Friday, July 25, 2008

With A Clipboard And An Air of Confidence

Politico: Bob Novak's victim

Washington Post: Man Hit by Novak Has Hurt Shoulder but Is 'Doing Fine'

The Examiner: Novak's Victim Speaks! "Bob Novak is the one that hit me?!? ... That makes it a great story!"

TMZ:Novak's Victim: Am I Famous Now?

Associated Press:
Man hit by columnist Robert Novak recovering

WASHINGTON (AP) - The homeless man who was struck by a car driven by syndicated columnist Robert Novak says he's surprised to hear the prominent journalist was the driver who hit him.

Don Clifford Liljenquist asked a reporter from WMAL Radio repeatedly whether Novak was the person who hit him. The 86-year-old seemed amused. He said, "Well I think that makes it a great story!"

Liljenquist says his shoulder was dislocated when he was struck Wednesday. He says doctors reset his shoulder and he's "doing fine."

Witnesses say Novak was driving a Chevrolet Corvette near K Street when he hit a pedestrian who rolled up onto the hood of the car. Novak kept driving until a bicyclist stopped him.
Novak has said he didn't know he hit anyone. He was given a $50 traffic citation.

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