Thursday, July 10, 2008

CC On the Move Part I

So Linds and I are in the process of preparing Chez Copa 3.0 ie moving across the street to a new building. But the venture is proving to be quite a challenge, as I am still a gimp and we are looking to accessorize our original Chez Copa, not completely redecorate. So step one was to pick up the same paint we used for the old apartment. Not too challenging right?

We have been living with these colors for about a year now so we should be more than able to pick them out of a line-up right? The only reason we would risk it is we both forgot to grab the original paint chips from home before our trip to the home depot.

So as I am heading down the 5 mile stretch of massachussetts ave that links lindsey's office to mine, on my way to the paint section of the depot, a woman getting out of a cab, smacks her car door into me, WHILE I WAS STILL DRIVING! I politely (as compared to our new yorker counterparts) reminded her that I was still in the car, and she was in the middle of moving traffic. I also pointed out in a much more emphatic octive that she did not seem to be remorseful. What a cow! This is a crime committed by shopping carts in dark grocery store parking lots, not downtown dc where the driver can identify you! Just saying!

Back to the Depot: after 20 minutes of hunting for our colors I was certian I selected the same color that currently colored my bedroom wall for the past 365 awakenings and slumbers. Although the name Jamaica Bay didn't ring a bell, the color looked identical.

It was only after we had returned that Linds pointed out that my original hue was marine isle. How do you mess that up???

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