Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is no taco shop! For Katie's birthday we took her to Oyamel, rated very highly on the Washingtonian's 100 best restaurants. Among katie's fan club is my foodie soul mate, Jordyn, who is about as adventurous in eating as I am so we sailed through the menu.

Done in tapas style we ordered the chef's recommendations for the evening. This included the Ceviche de cayo (sea scallops) with citrus dressing, Ensalsa de Chayote (mexican squash), Albondigas enchipotladas con queso doble crema (chipotle meatballs), Nopal asasdo con salsa molcajete (cactus paddles in green salsa), and Lengua quisada (cow tongue tacos). The stand out for the evening (aside from the foregone conclusive guacamole) had to be the cactus. The mole was perfectly smokey and addicting. There may or may not have even been a few licks to the plate!

After a few mango margaritas we were proudly proclaiming this our new favorite restaurant.

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