Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things That Go Bump In the Night...Oscars

Thank god for katie! She had the foresight to get tickets to see the DARK NIGHT. At first I rolled my eyes when I heard about this movie...we're going to stand in line to see a marvel comic. I mean who doesn't love the batman movies (esp. with Val as batman) but it's not something I want to drop everything I'm working on to go queue up with every teenaged boy in the area to watch. I can hold out for the DVD.

As the reviews started to come in, the cinimatic talking heads continued to describe it a good but dark. Of course it's dark...he fights crime at midnight. But what they should tell you is this movie has joker written all over it. Batman is a supporting role at best. This is a sadistic peek into the mind of an anarchist, a cool echo of militant extreamism making headlines in the A section rather than the style.

Heath Ledger hits the mark, everyone of them. As the joker, he takes the simplist line (soon to be cliched) "Why so serious" and massages it into a chilling be repeated for generations.....right up there with Hannibal Lector's fava beans.

Best advice- pay the 10 bucks, see the movie....its a worth the roller coaster!

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