Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Brown Baggin It

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!Last February, in honor of Singles Awareness Day, Tommy hosted a little soiree while he did his show live at the Hard Rock Cafe. Of course, with Chez Copa in tote.

What's not to love - a bunch of awkward singles, discounted booze, swag bags and -oh pinch me- a Photo booth! And yes, I did intentionally try to walk off with the Elvis glasses. I was caught. But we did walk off with some pretty awesome swag including a free facial gift certificate from Shiseido. So today at lunch I cashed that bad boy in.

The lovely Shiseido consultant escorted me to a back room at Bloomingdale's, Chevy Chase, equipped for such a challenge. Then for 40 minutes she gave my face a full rub down with all the fancy shmancy products that will never make it into the Jen-Richer budget. Despite the company's claims, I'm not sure how much long term good was actually done. But I did leave refreshed and look nice and shiny. And as a former Labrador in another life: I'm telling you the best part of the whole thing was when she rubbed my ears for 10 minutes. I took all my strength not to wag my imaginary tail.

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