Friday, May 29, 2009


Hair is a big deal. If a women ever tells you otherwise, she's lying (or blind). It is such a big deal that throughout college I would fly home to San Diego for scheduled maintenance.

When my stylist Michelle had a stroke, at the ripe age of 30, (thank god walked away unscathed), she decided to retire and spend time with her fabulous boys. The rest of us were left in an abyss of coiffure hell. (alright a SLIGHT exaggeration.) Two years later I decided that the 15 inches of hair and I needed to start shopping for a new chop artist.

The ladies of chez copa luckily found Diana at Piaf downtown. But in a recent deja vou, she is taking some time off for her new baby (congrats!) and I was once again left with a rocking poof. In fit of frizz I took a coworkers advice and tried out Meghan at PR &Partners. YES! SHE WAS AMAZING!

Consider this my recommendation. If you are reading this and within 3 hours of Shirlington VA you have to try Megan out! She's FANTASTIC, and reasonable price wise.I walked out with cut, shampoo, blow out, and two toned highlights for $115. Tell her Jen (Wahine) sent you.

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  1. Hair Cuttery. Olney. Cut and shampoo for 80 bucks, including tip. For FOUR of us. Ask for Lihn and tell her the Matthews sent you!


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