Thursday, September 24, 2009

Temporary Insanity

Twice a year, the folks at the Nordstrom’s open their door two hours early for overly enthusiastic make-up junkies to preview their season’s cosmetic collection a la runway style. Knowing my addiction very well – my enabling and equally addicted friend Angela picked up the tickets for the Saturday am show.

So there we were – 6:45 am, Starbucks in hand – waiting like stressed husbands on Christmas Eve for Nordies to open the doors to us as we watched richly colorful faces wiz by to set up. Then bam – 7 am on the dot and we charge – no exaggeration –charge – vying for great samples and front row seats. Mission accomplished.

For the next two hours we were dazzled and delighted by our host Julianne De’Chaump, Regional Manager for Nordstrom’s cosmetic department and her bag of goodies. In between coaching us on skin care, and luring us into overpriced merchandise indulgences, she would draw names for glorious prizes from La Mer, on down to Clinique. It was delicious.

So here I am scribbling madly – all the products I HAVE TO HAVE. Now in a regained sense of cogency, I reread these and giggle. For example – Laura Mercier foundation primer for mineral foundation – um I don’t wear mineral foundation and a $200 clerisonic face scrubber – yep need me one of them. Oh and don’t forget – Shu Uemura face cleansing oil – yes you read that correctly cleansing – oil. Madonna uses it – so throw that in my bag! At least the samples were free.

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