Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Kindof A Big Deal

Another one from the "People know my name" files. 

Lawson Vaughn, soccer player for the USA Chivas sat at my table. He and his two friends (another soccer player and his gf.) were very nice. But it happens - I have no idea who they are when the start to casually name drop.
"I'm in from LA."
"Shut Up - I'm from San Diego!, What brings you to DC?"
 "Playing against DC United."
"Oh you play soccer? that's cool - you do look like a runner. bet you can't wait to get back to L.A., I sure do miss my taco shops! Now I have tried to explain to people why guacamole is so much better in Socal - but most people here are grossed out by avacados........"
Thank God Todd was there to go fluff his ego - FAIL: the pro-sports thing went right over my head as the great guaco debate came to the forefront. Whoops!

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