Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zumba Switcheroo

So it's been a little while since I've been to a class let alone visit my world famous gym (you know the one I just HAD to join in January.) But I figure I'm paying for it so I might as well use it now. I was also inspired after our recent cruise, where apparently we were operating on high octane buffet food (just wait until the study comes out...crack I tell you), and hit the gym at 7 am Bermuda time, daily. (that's right I said daily.)

Anywhoo, EVERYONE at the pub swears up and down that Zumba changed their life. Low and behold they have Zumba at my WFG, (World Famous Gym) so I take a little nap (shut-up) and head over for my 7:30 class. Leaving the ipod in the car I skip body onto the hardwood floor with 20 other classmates.

But for a dance aerobic class they all seem to have a lot of equipment...steps, free wights, yoga mats, ok, but then they all start getting dumbbells. Toto- were not in Kansas anymore. This can't be the dance sensation that's rocking the Millennial gym generation. Wait is belts, multiple wight belts...and these aren't spry little 20 somethings....most of these women have hair cropped shorter than Dad's....hmmm. Just as I was packing up and heading to my safe elliptical, sans ipod (ugh kill me now), I was spotted by Alecia...the instructor...DAMN.

"Let me help you set up," she says, "you're a new face, must be your first Powerflex class." Too embarrassed to hurt her feelings and peace, I follow this perky little drill sargent for the next hour through more weight reps than I thought possible. And I loved it! I am so deliciously sore. Maybe next week I'll try Zumba (now that I have the updated class schedule.)

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