Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Presidential Reading

It may have been a muddy mess, but the 8th Annual National Book Festival went without a hitch this year, unless you count the raging blisters I procured care of the driving mocks I stupidly decided to break in! Note to self – muggy weather and leather do not mix. Wear Socks!

So aside from the wardrobe malfunction, I was set to start my book tour with none other than the hostesses of the event themselves, Laura and Jenna Bush. Their new children's book, Read All About It, was the kick off reading.

Following in her mother’s footstep as a teacher, Jenna co-authored this tale about a former student of Laura’s. Tyrone is your typical ADHD second grader who refuses to focus in class. Rather than dope the kid up with Ritalin, the main characters transcend the disability and capture his youthful enthusiasm for recess and channel it into reading…..a likely story. Author's note: FICTION.

Jenna said about working with her mother on the book, "if you're wondering if working with your parent, they still boss you around, the answer is yes."

An interesting side note, the illustrator was able to sneak a few shout outs to the current president by converting his birthday into the elementary school’s gym number. Throw that one out at your next cocktail party!

While the mother daughter team read aloud to the eager tots, I couldn’t take my eyes off the first daughter’s huge rock! I’m sure if every teacher married comfortably, we would have a much stronger education system. In the meantime, let’s give them a raise!

After the meet and greet, I had to return home, to attend to my developing wounds.

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