Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Backyard Wine Tasting

Living in Crystal City has its perks, one being the CC wine festival literally in our backyard every year. This four hour ode to wine, sponsored by our favorite local restaurants was stuffed to the gills this year, probably as a preventative measure against last year's mishap. (run on wine in the first hour) Jillian and I of course decided to go on Chez Copa time, leaving just an hour to power through the festival.

But we gott'er done, with plenty of food and drink to float us through the rest of the evening. The one selection that stood out was the Stone Coast Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia. "This selection is elegant and beautifully structured, showing rich fruit characters and a soft finish," as it was described to me. The vineyard is situated on above a limestone bed, which ultimately concentrates the grapes moisture and flavor.

But the real surprising finish was bumping into a fellow fair- goer....Dave Chapelle. Chatting we found out he was there promoting a good friend playing in the jazz festival. Very cool.

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