Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Feel Good Engine

This failing economy is great for my gas tank. Today I filled up....the entire tank! (splurge I know)

About two weeks ago, this would have put me out close to $60. That's dinner at Proof, with wine! This morning it only cost me $37.89 (listen to how conditioned I've become.) It is now cheaper for me to drive lucy to work, then to metro.

Sure, fine lets talk about the reprocussions. If this keeps up, this completely undermines the huge metro funding we just recived (thank you Rep. Jim Moran.) as well as the insentive for alternative fuels. But for one day, just one day, I feel like Queen of the Road again!

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  1. Don't let yourself get dragged down with driving guilt, Jen. You're a California girl, after all - It's your birthright to drive everywhere!

    I drove to work today (I'm at ABC), and it felt MUCH better than taking Metro... :)


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