Thursday, August 21, 2008

Step One: Gift Registry

Not sure what to get the bride and groom? Check her engagement registry! But one piece of advice - be careful not to confuse the weddings.

That may be very useful for in the case of Tori Spelling, famed for having the network daddy Aaron and her role as Donna on Beverly Hills 90210. I mean its an honest mistake right?

I know I personally was oscillating between a Tiffany's serving platter Tiffany Weave pitcher in Irish Parian bone china.($85) and the Sterling Silver Governor tray($3200). Well I just went ahead and dialed up tiffany's wedding registry (totaling over $18,500) I was was found just a few items still available as of this morning! Whew!

Too bad it was for her first wedding with Charlie. I wonder if we can get a refund.

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