Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bowl This

Bowling…who doesn’t love a game where form is not necessary, just as long as a) the ball hits the pins at the end of the lane and b) you don’t fall on your ass chasing the ball down the lane.

But there is something to be said for drinking beer by the pitcher over Formica laminated tables and wearing funky shoes whereby the only thing separating you from foot fungus are your trusty sucks (if you remembered them) and the Lysol a teenager sprayed (hopefully) before you slid those suckers on.

Well a few years ago, someone had the brilliant idea (hey bob, I’ve got an idea) to try and glam this ritual up! Let’s make bowling posh! So no more beer for you ….lets charge $10 for a G & T and another $15 for chips and salsa. Then…..we’ll turn the lights down and make you dress in your uncomfortable but fabulous club gear. But you still have to wear the shoes….and this time no socks, because lets be honest….who can really fit those in their clutch.

That’s the idea behind Lucky Strike in Gallery Place. Wow! In addition to the unbelievably lousy service and lounge crowd lacking panache, I’ve gotta say…let’s keep this American pastime where it belongs…in the 1970’s throwback we like to call an ally! (complete with disco balls and beer bellies)

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