Tuesday, August 19, 2008

March of Brides

It's the annual pilgrimage of discounted couture...exclusively for brides. Ladies settle in as early as three am in the line that circles the block around Filene's Basement where they will try their fate, hoping to find the perfect designer gown for $99 dollars.

The doors open at 8 am and the madness ensures, dresses ripped off racks to later be used as collateral in size wars and members of bridal teams attempts to trade.

But the reality is that only a handful of brides actually find their dress. Managers offer this advice for future brides looking for a deal, " sleep in, have a cup of coffee with your girlfriends and come to the store around 10 am, after the madness. The dresses are usually all still here, and you won't have to fight the caffeinated mayhem."

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