Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Road Warrior Disguised as Blonde

During a very exciting week of introducing a new hire to the majestic nations capital, I apparently also exercised his nerves as he rode shot-gun on a trip up to the boss's for dinner. Firmly believing that I was simply driving defensively I was hardly affected. His face, having underwent four shades of blue and his knuckle prints permanently imprinted into the arm rest suggested otherwise.

A few weeks ago, AutoVantage compiled a list of the country's most aggressive driving cities. Having grown up in Southern California, I am naturally an assertive driver, shall we say. However, four years of being car-less while studying in DC I, as well as my backseat commandos, would hope have down-shifted my lead foot crusades, but according this ranking, it was just a California-roll-stop before commuting with the fifth least friendly road warriors.

The Breakdown:
1. Miami 2. New York 3. Boston 4. Los Angeles 5. Washington, D.C. 6. Phoenix 7. Chicago 8. Sacramento, Calif. 9. Philadelphia 10. San Francisco 11. Houston 12. Atlanta 13. Detroit 14. Minneapolis-St. Paul 15. Baltimore 16. Tampa, Fla. 17. San Diego 18. Cincinnati 19. Cleveland 20. Denver 21. Dallas-Ft. Worth 22. St. Louis 23. Seattle-Tacoma 24. Pittsburgh 25. Portland, Ore.

What is your biggest driving pet-peeve?

Two words: Blinker Action.

All you have to do is give me a heads up before heading into my lane. I take it personally. I earned my lane position, if you want to Bogart my lane, flip the lever, or you may find me flipping something equally as courteous.

Traffic Round-up :

Trademark - I often find myself the victim of poor lane choices, usually about four lanes away from my on ramp. Solution: No need to miss the exit, simply enact the four part precision:

1. Blinker,

2. Eye contact and an oops-face

3. wave, as I

4. Glide over the gap.
Works like a charm every time! (It helps if your female but give it a try!)

Thoughts from the road,
(the Jetta)

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