Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just Getting Warmed up

So it's official - I am stepping it up and starting a blog! At the request of my ever patient outbox recipients; I will start posting my brain farts. But how can you resist, I start my morning three hours before the sun and at least 5 before the rest of civilization. With this jumpstart I surf the blogsphere in search of real news for my colleagues but find tantalizing kickers to go with my coffee. Rather than keep them to myself I commence my am inbox rapid-fire -usually including nothing more than a link and kitschy subject line. So it occurred to me, I should probably develop these caffeinated epiphanies.

My main excuse for not commencing my digital tale was time. But I realized on one of my daily surf sets, I often find respite and satirical wit on my aunt Steph's blog. As a lawyer in Santa Ana with three children and a libertarian husband, she manages to get her point in and wrap an issue in logic in under 20 lines. If she can do it, so can I. So here marks my narcissistic editorial journey. (Plus I really need to lighten my inbox with all those really great articles I have sent myself over the past month.)

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