Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Should Have Posted This Ages Ago

Last June, Momma McG invited Team Awesome up to Chez McG to celebrate the nuptials between her and her wholeheartedly endorsed beau Charley.

The combined bus trip/ train commute took a solid 8 hours (twice as long as expected) but when your girls pick you up at the station by abandoning the car open in the middle of traffic to pelt you with hugs and kisses (think 8th grade N'sync concert style) and then you fist pump California Girlz all the way home you know you're in for a good weekend.

The ceremony was as beautiful as much as it was a blast, and short of a little incident requiring professional removal of a ring (ours not hers) and a the border line panic attack proceeding the removal, everything ran smoothly.  (Megs: I knew you were worried Yen because you went silent.)

And yes those are candy necklaces we wore at the ceremony. Don't judge - not everyone can handle the awesome.

Momma McG's Wedding from Jen Richer on Vimeo.

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